IMG_5978Psychotherapy is the process of connecting with your peace.  Whatever the obstacle may be – whether it is a relationship issue, childhood trauma, grief or any other emotional pain that gets in your way, using the safe space of psychotherapy you can release the pain that obscures your sense of ease and find it again.  One client described this as ‘I’ve got my mojo back!’

Sometimes Psychotherapy can be confronting – it can be difficult to let go of an old habit that used to serve us but now gets in the way – but ultimately people leave feeling that they have released old patterns that they no longer need and are living more resourcefully in the present moment.

During Psychotherapy you can expect to set some goals for your future, and receive the support and guidance that will help you make the changes you need to achieve them.  Your therapist will be qualified and receive regular clinical supervision, as well as being affiliated with PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation Australia) who maintain high standards of ethics and training, as well as high expectations of continuous professional development on an ongoing basis.