Meet the team!

Jenny Podorozhnaya 

Jenny Podorozhnaya is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and NLP trainer who has been working with 1-1 clients and groups since 2005.

Initially working in a volunteer role with a charity targeting addictive behaviours, Jenny worked in both counselling and residential settings assisting individuals and families with the impact of addiction, and helping them make the changes they wanted to live a more resourceful life.

As part of her professional development, Jenny went on to train as a Hypnotherapist and was registered with the General Hypnotherapy register in the United Kingdom in 2009.

Jenny then continued her studies and went on to study the art and science of Neuro Linguistic Programming, eventually becoming a trainer for the International Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainers Association (INLPTA) in 2010.  Delivering training for various organisations including NHS, various charities and also bespoke training for groups and businesses.

To further her career in Counselling she studied for 2 and a half years to successfully achieve her Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy (Masters equivalent) in 2013 and has since then completed all requirements to gain clinical accreditation with Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation Australia (PACFA) and is listed on the PACFA website.

Jenny follows a Constructivist/Existentialist approach in Psychotherapy.  Piaget’s Constructivist approach is based on the premise that we construct knowledge and meaning from our experiences, and that our learning, healing and progress comes from how we construct our reality.  In practice, this means using the clients current experience to help them unlock their own skills and resources to get them unstuck. As defined by the Positive Psychology Programme – Existential therapy (or existential psychotherapy) is based on some of the main ideas behind existentialism as a philosophy, including:

  • We are responsible for our own choices.
  • We are all unique individuals due to the choices we make, and we are constantly remaking ourselves through these choices.
  • We make our own meaning in life.
  • Anxiety is a natural feature of human life.
  • We must come to terms with this anxiety to live authentically (Burnham & Papandreopoulos, n.d.).

Clients report feeling ‘seen’,‘heard’ and ‘met’ during sessions with Jenny as they achieve their outcomes.

Jenny is a Mum of four and wife fortunate enough to be living in beautiful Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula. 

Heidi Woodstock

Heidi Woodstock is a qualified counsellor and accredited social worker. She has completed training in Acceptance and Commitment therapy and finds that clients facing a range of challenges start to thrive when they apply ACT strategies, such as mindfulness and values clarification, to their lives.

Heidi has also completed circle of security and mindful awareness parenting and  has a special interest in pregnancy, post pregnancy mood changes, and parenting. In couples counselling Heidi utilises research and strategies from the Gottman Institute. Above all, Heidi places high importance on empathy and trust in building a beneficial therapeutic relationship with her clients.

She believes that clients hold the key to unlocking a fulfilling and meaningful life; and she is merely walking beside the client to support that journey.

Narteeka Hillier

Narteeka is our bubbly and bright receptionist, she is the first point of contact. Narteeka prides herself in her personal relations abilities and being able to strike a conversation with anyone. She is super friendly and excited to help and watch the business blossom. She is currently studying a certificate 3 in business and is very excited to grow and develop within the company. She is very excited to meet new faces with a warming smile and a cup of tea or coffee.